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From "Omnicourt" to "HibridTurf," we are improving the "science beneath your feet."

One important result of our long-running research was the sand-filled, artificial turf "Omnicourt." Integral to the development of this technology was "HibridTurf," a filling that is nearly the same as natural turf. We are providing various kinds of fields like tennis court, football ground and rugby field.

"Hibrid Turf" – the premier filling for artificial turf.

With a hybrid structure, consisting of long-pile artificial turf and various kinds of fillings, "Hibrid Turf" is noted for its playability and safety. The results are visible throughout the country, and recognized by both the JFA and the JRFU, but we continue to explore new possibilities.

Hibrid Turf

"Omnicourt"– Japan's first sand-filled artificial turf.

Almost immediately after it was introduced in 1983, "Omnicourt" became synonymous with tennis courts. From beginners to top players, the artificial turf supports your footwork and helps give you an outstanding overall game.


"Masterscourt" – a truly diverse range of uses.

By simply changing the thickness of the rubber chip layer and the urethane-resin surface, the specifications of "Masterscourt" can be altered to fit any type of play or environment. It can be used not only on tennis courts or ball game grounds, but around pools and jogging courses.


"Masterstrack" – the recognized leader in field and track stadiums.

"Masterstrack" is a compound pavement system that aims to make things easy on your feet and help you improve your record. With a balance of pressure born out of creating the optimum spaces between rubber chips, the surface prevents blisters* and improves durability and maintenance.
*Blister: floating floor


"Rasercoat" – an outstanding flooring for sports halls.

"Rasercoat" has expanded the possibilities for compound elastic pavement systems. The flooring, with a layered urethane structure that provides excellent shock absorption, has proved to be a useful addition to indoor, multipurpose facilities, school gymnasiums, and welfare centers throughout the country.


"HibridTurf PG" – a turf that you can even play barefoot on.

With a combination of long-pile turf and a resilient layer of cushioning, "HibridTurfPG"provides excellent shock absorption. While protecting children against falls and tumbles, this paving system for yards and playgrounds makes it possible to enjoy yourself even in your bare feet.

HibridTurf PG

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