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With our focus on care and kindness, we develop everything from daily necessities to health and nursing care items.

We offer a stunning variety of health care and nursing care products, from popular, familiar items such as water pillows and hot water bottles to innovations like the DUNSLOPE transportable wheelchair ramp. Expectations are high for Sumitomo Rubber Industries' R&D initiatives, which extend beyond daily necessities to the health care and nursing care fields.

We make your life more comfortable with our health and nursing care products.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries technology is at work even in ordinary items like water pillows and hot water bottles, which people take for granted in homes and hospitals everywhere. We also proudly offer the DUNSLOPE transportable wheelchair ramp, lighter and safer than its predecessors. This ramp is widely used not only in homes but also in train stations, airports, restaurants and all kinds of other locations. The view of professionals at work in thehealth care and nursing care fields have been incorporated into each and every one of these products.

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