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Over the past century, Hybrid Rubber Products HQ has developed rubber products in a wide array of fields ranging from everyday household items to industrial infrastructure and contributed to safer and more comfortable lifestyles for people everywhere, adhering to the slogan “Realizing all the possibilites of rubber.”

In recent years, we have released various products as the Miraie seismic damper, which protects wooden houses from earthquakes, and the DUNSLOPE Lite SLIM transportable wheelchair ramp, which enables wheelchair users to lead more comfortable and convenient lives. These products have earned high acclaim in the marketplace.

Moving forward, all of us in the Hybrid Rubber Products HQ will work together as one to deliver safety and comfort to customers everywhere, acting on the principles of our vision: “Provide products and services that move the hearts of people worldwide, and evolve ceaselessly along with the development of humanity and society.”

Hirotoshi Murakami
Executive Officer, Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.
General Manager, Hybrid Rubber Products HQ

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